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DIY Floorboards



About the DIY Floorboards Upgrade.

Working from a tired, outdated platform with failing support, the business wanted to upscale, secure, and simplify its online Flooring business. Working closely with the business, a WordPress, WooCommerce solution was created.

The mission.

Simplification; for the customer and for the back-end administration. To ensure customers are comfortable purchasing their DIY project products from the business, simplicity was at the core of the project. Clear organisation of the product structure and navigation. Completing a daunting DIY task like re-flooring your home can be overwhelming. The beginning of that project shouldn’t be. Coupled with years of experience, customer service and the best products on the market, DIY Floorboards wanted to reflect that in their customers experience.

Create Macarthur was able to identify shortcomings in their current process, build on them and provide a simple, fast, secure and central solution that fit the bill for their customers as well as their established back-end processes.


Building the solution.

For a system with large amounts of customisation whilst retaining speed, reliability and serviceability into the future, the decision was made to go with a WordPress and WooCommerce solution. Utilising Create Macarthur’s industry-leading Australian hosting platform to host the web platform was a natural choice. Obtaining Google-loving speeds and indexing was important for the SEO requirement for eCommerce projects.

Borrowing specific, in-depth market knowledge from the business, we were able to create a UI/UX that is natural, logical, helpful and aesthetically pleasing. Both desktop and mobile users were catered for in the design and implementation of the DIY Floorboards solution.

Given the specific nature of how DIY Floorboards operates and the level of support and service they required for their customers, a number of custom elements were created to suit the workflow of the website perfectly. From a Product Area Calculator through to a custom Request for Quote tool. The user flows through the project is exactly as the client wanted and required.

Being built on the platforms that currently power over 30% of the internet, future-proofing and securing the system is possible and effective through best practices and (two-factor Authentication) 2FA keeping all data, transactions and functionality secure and safe.

Impressive result.

In the first 4-months after release, the Create Macarthur project delivered 30% more organic traffic, 54% more requests for quotes and a significant increase in direct phone leads for the business. The SEO performance of the website saw an additional 2,300 more keywords/phrases being ranked and a marked increase in time spent on the website with a lower bounce rate.

Overall, fantastic response and result for both the client and Create Macarthur!

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Results seen by DIY Floorboards are common for the type of project completed.


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