Macarthur eBikes

Making the most of the COVID Lockdowns, this founding eBike and eScooter retailer in the Macarthur region reached out to have their online presence completely overhauled; with great success.

    Macarthur eBikes
    WordPress, Woocommerce, Vend HQ
Macarthur eBikes

To create a complete, efficient, user-friendly eCommerce extension of their brick and mortar store in the Sydney South-West region.


Macarthur eBikes already had a WordPress and Woocommerce installation in place. It was created by an offshore, budget development team whose build quality and aftercare support left the owners wanting.

Integrating a new, efficient WordPress and Woocommerce installation with their existing Vend HQ inventory system was key to ensuring maximum benefit to the project.

Making sure our products and store are visable to those that are looking for them is so important when selling online.

Christian Muller, Owner

The owners noted that a tight implementation between the website catalogue and the Facebook and Google Marketplaces was a critical need for the project as well.


Getting to work on the design, Create Macarthur quickly identified that the Stryke framework was the most suitable for the clients’ needs and goals.

Conforming the wireframe to an applicable and aesthetically pleasing design was the number one priority. Once sign-off had been received for the design, the product implementation began. Working with the client and their suppliers, full product layouts were created with easy-to-use navigation and attributes applied.

Connecting the web stores catalogue to Facebook Commerce Manager to enable shoppable Facebook and Instagram posts were completed by integrating the site to the connected Facebook Business Manager.

The same was undertaken for the Google Merchant Center making creating and controlling Google Shopping Ad campaigns simple and efficient.


The entire eCommerce build was completed, tested and launched within the 8-week time frame and has enabled excellent throughput in terms of sales, SEO visibility and customer enquires.