SEO and Search Engine Optimisation.

If you’re not on the first page of Google, you’re nowhere. Google accounted for just over 70% of all global desktop search traffic so far in 2021. Google has already received 360 billion searches this year (and counting).

It makes sense. You’re looking, you’re searching, you’re trying to find the best product, service, answer you can. Think to yourself – when was the last time you went to page 2 of Google? If your business doesn’t own a spot in the Top-7 of Google, you’re not being found today!

Getting one of the coveted Top-7 spots has never been harder, except maybe for tomorrow. With more businesses online, the competition for positions is strong. Make no mistake, a good, strong and effective SEO campaign is worth more than any other marketing effort you can do online. But, it takes time and money.

Don’t skimp and DON’T give up.

When we say this, we don’t mean cut a blank cheque to your SEO partner and lead with blind faith. You need to choose a reputable partner and set clear and measurable targets and goals. This is imperative to ensure that you’re not wasting money or being taken for a ride.

  • Good SEO takes time. This is something that we cannot stress enough. This is the area where a lot of business owners get scared and pull out. You will not see any results within the first few months of your campagin – Google and other search engines just don’t work like that.
  • Good SEO costs money. The time and effort it takes to climb up the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) costs money. A good SEO partner should be spending anywhere from 15-25 hours per week on your campaign alone. Expect to pay for this time.
  • Tsunami vs. Waves. When trying to justify SEO to yourself and your bank balance, it’s easier to explain it like this. A good SEO campaign is like a Tsunami. A constant flow of a lot of water (users viewing your site) – your average daily visits will increase and stay there. A Pay-Per-Click campaign, an email campaign or any other type of marketing exercise is like a Wave. Hopefully a legendary swell, but once the wave has passed, your average daily visits will drop back down to what they were before.
  • Keep the project accountable. As mentioned, speak frankly with your SEO partner. Don’t be baffled with BS. Keep everything on task and make sure you’re left with concrete plans, goals and deliverables. For instance, if you currently rank 10th or 11th for a keyword, within 6-months, they need to have you ranking 4th or 5th for that keyword. If not, there’s a conversation to be had…

What is involved with SEO and SERP Optimisation?

We think that the biggest issue when it comes to SEO and SERP Optimisation is that it’s a completely hidden element. You, the customer and the client, never actually see what’s going on, never actually know what’s being changed, organised and optimised to get you to the top of the ladder.

That, and the fact that every once in a while, there comes a bunch of snake oil salespeople who convince you they can perform wonders within moments. They then charge you a boat load and then walk away – causing huge amounts of issues for us in the industry whom want to do right by you guys!

Proper Formatting

If you’ve ever seen a part of your website in its natural code form, you would’ve seen something like this:

<H4>Proper Formatting</H4>

What this actually does is tell the browser you’re viewing the page on to display the text Proper Formatting in the style that has been set for Heading 4. Google also uses these tags when it crawls your website, looking for content and making decisions on rankings.


Making sure that your website is in the best shape is not as hard as many people make it out to be – time-consuming, yes, but fundamentally difficult – not so much. Google themselves make it straightforward by making available a list of SEO Ranking Criteria. If these checklists are followed, Google’ll give you the big ‘ol thumbs up 👍🏼.

The shrinking space offered to organic results on the SERP is also a changing variable. In 2019, there was, on average, 10 organic results on the first page of Google, now, in 2021, there are only 7. Ensuring your SEO game is fire has never been more pivotal.


A backlink is the number of other websites linking back to your pages. Think of it as other websites that are talking about the same product, service etc. as you are using your website as a reference point.

These guys are one of the best indicators to Google that your site, your content is the best. Having the best content gives Google the best chance of answering the search query right – so you get optimal positioning.

If you’ve got a Google Home, Assistant, or an Android phone, have you ever noticed how it will try to literally answer your questions for you, not simply provide you with web results on the topic like its lazier cousin Siri? This is because Google is in the business of answering questions, not just pushing websites.

Go ahead, try it now, ask Google “Why is the Sky blue?”


It always pays to know what’s happening in your industry and with your competition. Keeping a close eye on their movements and what they’re doing online will always serve your own SEO campaign well.

Utilising different Keywords and Long Keyphrases is an excellent way of grabbing excess traffic and searches. A Keyword is one or two words that are specific to what you’re selling or talking about – think, Dyson Vacuum. A Long Keyprhase is one a little longer that is related, like High Powered Cyclonic Vacuum.

The number of monthly searches for that Keyword is 60,500 in Australia, currently, with a competition of 68/100. However, The competition for ranking on Dyson vacuum stick sale, in Australia at the moment, is just 38. It would make sense to run at this Keyphrase first, get into the Top-7 and then use that momentum to then attack the Dyson Vacuum Keyword.

Figuring out what to attack in an SEO campaign and when is a delicate balancing act that will work. It will, however, take time, commitment and budget to get the results you’re after. The only solace that can be offered is; when you get the results, you more often than not keep them!