WordPress Development and Design.

Powering close to half of the websites currently online – WordPress is the standard when it comes to Online Content Management Systems (CMS). Here at Create Macarthur, we know how to make WordPress purr.

WordPress is so widely regarded as the best CMS online because of its Open Source foundation. It’s built by the public, open to the public and customisable to the core. Whatever feature you want your website to do; there’s code to make WordPress do it. The possibilities literally are endless with WordPress powering your website.

Some, if not all, of the criticism that comes from the use of WordPress, derives from its misuse. After all, even the most glorious of creations are a nightmare in the wrong hands. At Create Macarthur, we’ve made it our passion to not only create beautiful, amazingly functional websites, but also lean, quick and responsive websites for our clients and their customers.

WordPress’ Standout Featues

Would it surprise you to know that the platform powering your Create Macarthur designed site also powers Rolling Stone, Facebook Newsroom, Toyota Motors and the Walt Disney Company? If that’s not an impressive lineup, I don’t know what is.

  • Fully customisable design from the ground up. Take the core features of WordPress and mould them into whatever your design requires.
  • Responsive design layouts for whatever device is being used to view your creation. Desktops and Laptops are no longer the main devices used to surf the web. In fact, in 2019, 83% of web traffic in Australia flowed through a mobile device such as an iPhone or Android device. Utilising responsive design from WordPress layouts ensures that your content looks perfect no matter where it’s viewed.
  • Community powered development and support. Propritary platforms owned by corporations limit creativity. Fact. WordPress is the CMS built by the community, for the community. With over 55,000 plublished plugins from a community of over 240,000 developers and webmasters – creativity is your only limit.

Custom Functionality – no problem.

Need your website to do something you haven’t seen done before? Does your website need to integrate into another system to feed it sales or product information? With Custom WordPress Development from Create Macarthur – you just leave it to us.

Custom API

An API, or Application Programming Interface, is just #nerdtalk for a set of instructions computer systems pass on to each other. Do you need your inventory system to talk to your eCommerce platform for stock availability, reorders or simply reporting? Done.

3rd Party Actions

Through the REST API functionality of WordPress, Create Macarthur can control your house. Yes, you read that right. Let’s just say you’ve got a Smart Light bulb in your Office. It can be programmed that whenever you make an online sale, that light will flash red, or green, or whatever!

Data Security

The ownership of data has never been more important than it is now. With WordPress, you own the database; all the data collected by your website is yours. You can ensure the safety and security of your and your customers’ data unlike if you were to use another CMS like SquareSpace, or Wix for instance.

Free Updates and Features

Because the application, WordPress, itself is a free platform; you’ll never be stopped from having a feature due to budget or paywalls. With every update of WordPress, you receive a free upgrade. Any new features or functions are yours as soon as you’re ready to apply them – no Basic, Pro and Advanced plans here!